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Science Behind Technology

Granulated SSP, TSP and NPK

Granulation Plants Technology Desmet Ballestra offers plants based on technology developed in cooperation with Industrie Chimiche Puccioni

Granulation plants can produce granulated fertilizers based only on SSP or TSP as well as create N-P-K based fertilizers. The main feedstocks commonly used are:

N-based feedstocks:

  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Urea

P-based feedstocks:

  • TSP
  • SSP
  • Ammonium Phosphate
  • Diammonium Phosphate

K-based feedstocks:

  • Potassium Chloryde
  • Potassium Solphate

Additional feedstocks are added in minor quantities to improve the product characteristics

Advantages of DBI-ICP design.

  • Wide range of NPK products
  • High operation Flexibility, as the same plant can produce SSP, TSP and NPK fertilizers.
  • Compact plant layout, based on specific criteria for the design of solid handling equipment, in compliance with safety and economic principles and according to customer site requirements.
  • High automation degree, reducing the personnel required for plant operation
  • Possible integration with DBI-ICP P-SSP and P-TSP plants for a no-liquid emissions process design

Integrated process and synergies with DBI P-SSP and P-TSP plants.
Granulation plants can be installed downstream P-SSP or P-TSP plants to granulate the powder products of these plants. This integrated plant has great advantages in terms of environmental impact since the whole water effluent rich in fluosilicic acid from P-SSP/P-TSP plants is used as water feedstock in the granulation plant.

4444kkkk无弹窗全文阅读_4444kkkk最新章节免费阅读 4444kkkk无弹窗全文阅读_4444kkkk最新章节免费阅读 ,极品师尊是炉鼎最新章节列表_极品师尊是炉鼎最新章节 极品师尊是炉鼎最新章节列表_极品师尊是炉鼎最新章节 ,新金瓶梅2008最新章节列表_新金瓶梅2008最新章节免费阅读 新金瓶梅2008最新章节列表_新金瓶梅2008最新章节免费阅读